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Frequently Asked Question

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Is there a lease or hire option for your food trailers?

Currently, we do not offer a lease or hire option for our food trailers.

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Do you offer delivery or shipping services?

Yes, we offer delivery and shipping services for our food trailers. We can arrange for the trailer to be delivered to your desired location within New Zealand.

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Which option do you recommend: braked or un-braked?

For lightweight trailers with a single axle and a gross vehicle mass (GVM) under 1.2 tonnes, brakes are not necessary. However, if you require a higher weight capacity, we recommend considering a tandem braked trailer. This type of trailer offers improved stability and weight distribution, providing added safety and performance when towing heavier loads.

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What is the difference between single and double axle food trailers?

The main difference between single and double axle food trailers is the number of axles and their weight capacity.

  • Single axle trailers have one axle, while double axle trailers have two.
  • Double axle trailers generally have a higher weight capacity and better stability.
  • Double axle trailers are typically larger and offer more floor space.
  • Double axle trailers may require a more powerful towing vehicle.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your needs and the weight and size of your operation.

We’re ready to help you launch your business. We’ll help you select the perfect trailer, whether it’s one of our fully equipped food caravans, or a made-to-order custom job. We can even help you finance your food trailer business with Stadium Finance.