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Meet our team

Nes Onoufriou

Nes is a self-confessed foodie, passionate about the food industry in New Zealand. She loves meeting like-minded people, and gets a kick out of sharing her knowledge and valuable advice acquired through years of experience in the industry to help you get the best possible start with your food truck business.

Drawing from her own first-hand experience of operating a successful food caravan, her primary goal is to empower ambitious entrepreneurs who are venturing into the world of mobile food business.



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Petro Onoufriou

Petro makes the practical parts of Affordable Food Trailers happen. He ensures that each and every trailer we provide meets the standards. Having successfully managed his own food caravan, he understands the unique challenges and requirements of operating a mobile food business. This first-hand knowledge means he can offer practical advice and solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

The team’s dedication to exceptional service ensures that every step of your journey, from selecting a trailer to post-purchase support, is seamless and meets your expectations. We collaborate with a skilled team of electricians, gas fitters & plumbers to ensure that every aspect of our trailers meets the standards of safety and functionality.



021 400 712
We’re ready to help you launch your business. We’ll help you select the perfect trailer, whether it’s one of our fully equipped food caravans, or a made-to-order custom job. We can even help you finance your food trailer business with Stadium Finance.